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Pedro Fernandez



My artwork is inspired by my recollection of how I see life and the joy it presents. My style of artwork is abstract, because I love to have people involved in my artwork. When I draw, I have people use their imagination to see what they see. Together we create a story of what I have drawn with what they see and feel. My name explains my style of work. (P.E.T.E.R.) Pure Energy Transcending Energetic Radiance. I love colors that are bright and full of life. With that being said, my work is a motion from deep inside my soul, which reaches out to people’s inner spirit.


I was born in New York City and raised in Flushing, Queens. My formal education is high school and Apex Tech graduate. Our family background is from Dominican Republic, but just my sister and I were born in New York. I am the youngest of 12 kids, which we are all artistically inclined in the arts, one form or another. Starting with my father, who was an architect, and my mother, who designed clothing.


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