*The gallery will be closed until further notice to exercise precaution under the current circumstances.  We will post updates soon outlining extended dates for Satish Joshi's 50 Year Retrospective.


Urban Studio + Unbound creates and nourishes professional development through emphasizing participation and collaboration.

Artists are engaged in a broad range of issues and topics, and are encouraged to find new and diverse venues for their work.

US+U was founded on the understanding that the art world has rapidly changed from the traditional role of museums and galleries to self created venues and community based opportunities. Artists are encouraged to participate in administrative art activities as well as hands on studio projects.

US+U’s strength of purpose is to combine emerging and mid-career artists in a partnership to embrace a wide range of artistic approaches. This unique relationship creates a community of people who learn from each other through shared ideas and common goals.

Located in downtown Yonkers, our artists are drawn from both the local community-YOHO, Ludlow and the Bronx as well as Brooklyn, Queens & Manhattan. 


Urban Studio Unbound is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization as of Sept 2014. 

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