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Form Meets Function: Exploring the Intersection of Art & Design


February 3rd - February 29th, 2024



Saturday, February 3rd

 *Free + Open to the Public* 

Participating Artists
Israel Acosta, Zen Astrud, Annette Back, Michelle Renee Bernard, Haifa Bint-Kadi, Skye De La Rosa, Marshall Fox, Katherine Emely Gómez, Jada Hairston, Jill Hawthorne, Braelyn Hendricks, Amanda ioco, L/Art.Deco, Amanda Lynne, Mike McManus, Bruce Morozko, Teresa Pereira, Jennifer Persad, Jill, Ricci, A.J. Springer, Dave Steck, Lee Tal, Lobsang Tsewang, Roddy Wildeman, Kaili Woop & Danielle York


Curated by

Melissa Starke


Artist in Residence Studios

Mike McManus in collaboration with Zen Astrud

Israel Acosta


Featuring artists that explore the boundaries between art and design-work that challenges the traditional notion that design should emphasize its utility over aesthetic or other functional considerations.

The exhibition will explore the concept of functional and wearable art, the significance of these art forms in the contemporary art world and highlight artists who have transformed a traditional approach, some even into to a commodified version. 

Artwork Image Artist: Marshall Fox, Cut it Out, 64" x 50", Carpet and Tuft Inlay

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