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"Hastily Drawn Approximations"

US+U  is pleased to announce the opening of our AIR Henry Burgos solo exhibition "Hastily Drawn Approximations"


Opening Reception

Saturday, June 15th 2019  


*On view through June 26th

Free + Open to the Public

Light refreshments will be served.

Burgos makes a wide range of work- paintings, drawings, sculpture and video whose narratives address daily interaction and relationships – people he comes across, nature/animals, urban architecture/landscape and how he navigates through this all.

The title, chosen by the artist, references an excerpt from the book “The Brain: The Story of You” by author David Eagle. The passage describes peoples tendency to only retain a small amount when presented with a visual subject- a painting, an object, etc. He reports that our minds leave out fine details of whatever it is we may be looking at and tend to only grasp a “hastily drawn approximation” -just enough for us to get an idea of what is in front of us. It is only when we take the time be totally present and assess this object or being, that we grasp the actuality of its existence. Burgos feels this idea is strongly connected to to human nature/the way in which culture has pressed us to instantly absorb and quickly interpret. There are a number of pieces in the show that appear incomplete and drawn in a hastily manner. However, this intentional approach provides a starting point but then asks the viewer to take a longer look to complete their interpretation.

In addition to paintings and drawings this exhibition will also include a pop up shop featuring items from the hand made clothing line Bulb&Arrow, where Burgos is founder and creative director. The brand translates Burgos's work in yet another way and he says was creatively conceived to “reflect faith in one self’s creative abilities and ideas, then shooting towards them as fiercely and focused as an archer. When you shoot towards your goals, you’re bound to hit something." 

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