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Yonkers Arts Weekend 2016

Urban Studio Unbound

@66 Main Street, B Sat. & Sun. 12-5pm

SPRING EXHIBITION Curated by Melissa Starke, Director & Curator at Urban Studio Unbound

Urban Studio Unbound is a collective of artists most of whom are alumni, current/retired faculty and staff from the Fine Arts Department at the Fashion Institute of Technology. US+U was founded in 2003 as a place for artists to  work together on creative endeavors and continually be connected to a network of their peers. US+U’s strength of purpose is to combine emerging and mid-career artists in a partnership to embrace a wide range of artistic approaches. This unique relationship creates a community of people who learn from each other through shared ideas and common goals.

Urban Studio + Unbound creates and nourishes professional development through emphasizing participation and collaboration. Artists are engaged in a broad range of issues and topics, and are encouraged to find new and diverse venues for their work. 

US+U was founded on the understanding that the art world has rapidly changed from the traditional role of museums and galleries to self created venues and community based opportunities. Artists are encouraged to participate in administrative art activities as well as hands on studio projects.

Urban Studio Unbound is a 501c3 Non- Profit Organization as of Sept 2014. 

86 Main Street

Curated by Melissa Starke, Director & Curator at Urban Studio Unbound

Floor 5

Floor 6 is a collection of YoHo Artists and international artists including Lee Romero, Gino Civale, Michael Cuomo, George M. Gutierrez, Deborah Holcombe, Eelco van den Berg, and more.

Eelco van den Berg Yonkers Mural

@41 North Broadway


Dutch artist Eelco van den Berg is a painter, muralist, and illustrator based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and New York. The Dutch multi-disciplinary street artist creates psychedelic landscapes with the unique color pallette he developed mostly on the streets of New York. He got mesmerized by hip hop & graffiti during elementary school, which is still greatly influencing him. Hs work is mostly hand drawn & stands out with its strong use of color, motives, outlines & decorative illustrative elements in a surrealistic pop art style. Honored to be named one of NYC's top 10 street artists, Eelco is not just living the dream but is painting it as well. His bold award-winning graphic works have been commissioned by numerous brands including Philips, Levis, Senseo, Jack Daniels, Heineken & the Gansevoort Hotel. He is a guest lecturer of illustration at the Willem de Kooning Academie. 

Group Exhibition curated by Jovana Djuric

@86 Main Street, Ground Level - Sat. & Sun. 12-5pm


Artists: Avra Messe, Gorazd Poposki, Slavko Djuric, Jovana Djuric 


The unifying concept behind selected works is the idea that only through digging deeper into the medium itself one gets grounded. As artists work to own the process through the physical labor they get into the body of the work itself.

Carving, cutting, engraving, slitting, burrowing and breaking are just some of the gestures and methods that they use to get closer and into the material itself.

Each artist travels through the process with their own vocabulary of concerns, but their starting point is the same: the involvement with and penetration into the material. As if to create the stronger bonds and make a more lasting imprint these artists work to create deeper and more permanent marks.

The aim of this exhibition in not only to present the created object, it is to embody the physicality of the process itself.  

MZ Urban Art

@86 Main Street, Floor 4 - Sat. & Sun. 12-5pm

MZ Urban Art is the new gallery of Monkdogz Urban Art Inc., which for the past ten years has had several locations in Chelsea, the prestigious art district of New York.

The gallery has exhibited exceptional contemporary artists from around the world in frequent solo and group shows along with discussions, lectures, workshops and events showcasing artists, professionals and enthusiasts from all streams of art.

Participating Artists: Sebastien AURILLON – France, Esther BAREND – The Netherlands, Jean Marc CALVET – Nicaragua, Pablo CAVIEDES – Ecuador, Christine DRUMMOND – Brazil, R.d.H. – USA, Charles SCHINDLER – USA, Mari YAMAGIWA – Japan

Carrier Pigeon Exhibition

@ 66 Main Street, A

Carrier Pigeon is an artist-run magazine of illustrated fiction and fine art. Four times a year we put creative control intothe hands of the contributing writers, illustrators, fine artists and designers in order to promote respectful interdisciplinary collaboration. The results are organic, collaborative, and quickly evolving compositions featured alongside full portfolios of contemporary work by fine artists from an unrestricted demographic range. We believe that loyalty to each artist’s personal vision, without regard to current trends, provides the best environment in which to collaborate on fully personal work. The main goal of this journal is to provide a magazine that is, in itself, a piece of artwork.