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Alexandra Momin

"Converging Paths, Divergent Destinations"

US+U is please to announce the opening of
"Converging Paths, Divergent Destinations"

a solo exhibition of work by Alexandra Momin. 

This exhibition is the culmination of Alexandra's 8 month residency at US+U, featuring over 25 pieces of art made during that timeline. 


Opening Reception

Saturday, October 16th 2018  


*On view through October 26th

2alex show image.jpg

Photo courtesy of the artist.


For Immediate Release


Converging Paths, Divergent Destinations 

Oct 13th– Oct 26th2018



Urban Studio Unbound (US+U) is pleased to announce the opening of Converging Paths, Divergent Destinationson Saturday October 13th2018 from 6:00-8:00pm. This solo exhibition is the culmination of the time Alexandra Momin spent at the gallery as our Artist in Residence. 


Experimentation with materials produces Alexandra’s complex surfaces and sends a direct message of meaningful intent.  The artist pushes two dimensional boundaries, working back into pieces using multiple processes unique to her artistic practice. Her approach requires time and acute attention to detail as well as that she be skilled and knowledgeable in a variety of techniques. 


Statement from Artist: “Over the past 8 months I have expanded my exploration of mediums by experimenting with photography, screen printing, digital transfers onto plastic yupo paper or aluminum, and sculpting with resin.  The works often begin as photographs of urban landscapes that are digitally manipulated by removing and adding layers.  I use buildings as metaphors for home and identity. -Buildings are strong and resilient on the outside, yet provide a warm safe place on the inside.  As a person of multicultural decent its easy to not feel fully connected to one culture. New York City has been the one consistent part of my identity, nurturing the various aspects of my persona-Its visual rhythms; the juxtaposition created by its beautiful complexities. Sometimes the most beautiful things are hidden, and the journey is to excavate them. I feel as thought we all tend to take the same path a different way and for different reasons. “ 


This exhibition will be on view through Friday October 26, 2018. 




Media Inquiries: Melissa Starke

Tel: 732-245-6246 

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