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"Piece by Piece"

US+U  is pleased to announce the opening of our new members highlights exhibition "Piece by Piece"


Opening Reception

Saturday, July 7th 2018  


*On view through July 20th

Featured Artists (L to R):

David Alge, Claire Fishman,Marisa Gonzales Silverstein

Josè Antonío Arvelo, Satish Joshi, Jerry Gallo,

& Petra Brambrink

For Immediate Release

“Piece by Piece” 
A New Member Highlights Exhibition 
July 7th 2018, 6-8pm

Urban Studio Unbound (US+U) is pleased to announce “Piece by Piece”, the second exhibition in a series of shows that highlights artists new to gallery. Featured artists include David Alge, Jose Antonio Arvelo, Petra Brambrink, Claire Fishman, Jerry Gallo, Marisa Gonzales Silverstein and Satish Joshi.

David Alge is an abstract painter whose gestural brush stokes lead your eyes around his color saturated compositions. Venezuelan Artist Jose Antonio Arvelo makes both two and three dimensional work utilizing reclaimed wood as his primary medium. Petra Brambrink practices stone carving and most recently ceramic raku, to create figurative sculptures that explore and examine the dynamics of human relationships. Claire Fishman is a clinical psychologist by profession whose passion for studying human behavior has informed her use of photography to document people as they interact with the natural world, capturing simple moments that can be interpreted as both obvious and mysterious. Jerry Gallo’s collage type compositions explore form, balance and color while suggesting an interpretive narrative. Artist Marisa Gonzales Silverstein cuts, folds and glues small pieces of paper creating complex relief sculptures. These intricate compositions often have a conceptual base making statements about issues such as gun control and in her most recent piece “Two weeks in May” drawing attention to the issue of separating children from parents at our borders. Career Artist Satish Joshi will show pieces spanning over a variety of mediums giving the viewer a glance back at work from the 1970s and 1990s that led to his more complex abstract paintings and monumental scale sculptures of today.

The works in this show contrast one another to emphasize the varying visual language of each artist, piece by piece. Exhibition opens on Saturday July 7th, 6-8pm and will be on view thru Friday July 20th. A preview night is available on Thursday July 5th5:30-7:30pm as part of the First Thursday Gallery Hop.

Media Inquiries: Melissa Starke

66 Main St Space #BYonkers, NY 10701 

US+U is easily accessible from Grand Central NYC via Metro North Croton Harmon Line to Yonkers Station. Gallery is within a half block of station.
IG: @urbanstudiounbound

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