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"The in-between"


"The in-between"  is the line that signifies context, the artist intention vs. the viewer interpretation. This exhibition will feature a range of mediums, approaches and content inspired by a variety of subject matter. 

Please join us to celebrate on Saturday July 22, 2017 from 6-9pm



Featured Artists: 

David Alge, EJ Berzolla, Anne Bobroff-Hajal, Petra Brambrink, David Boyajian, Henry Burgos, Michael Calvi, Michael Cuomo, Melanie Delgado, Claire Fishman, Lindsey Francis, Jerry Gallo, Karen Gentile, George M. Gutiérrez, Amanda Ioco, Beverly Karnell, Natalia Kovtoun, Catherine Latson, Jonelle Perez, Richard Pitts, Anthony Persad, Jennifer Persad, Alison Marra, Alexandra Momin, Saimir Mullalli, Librado Romero, Britta Siddell, Melissa Starke, Marcin Szprengiel, Vivian Valentin, Aislinn Weidele & Kate Winn 



US+U is located at 66 Main St Space #B, Yonkers, NY 10701

Easily accessible from Manhattan via Grand Central, Metro North/Croton Harmon Line to Yonkers. Gallery is within 5 min walk from Yonkers Station. 


Exhibition on view July 22-Sept 9, 2017 

*Please visit our gallery calendar for hours*


Image: David Alge "Seven Gates" Oil on Canvas, Detail
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