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2 Year Anniversary Exhibition

US+U  is pleased to announce the opening of our

2 Year Anniversary Exhibition "Unencumbered"

This exhibition features select artists whose work is unencumbered by any theme or predetermined tying factor. The visual dialogue focuses on the diversity of each artist working within his or her medium and the conversation is drawn from the way in which their work comes together thru the curation process. 


Opening Reception

Saturday, November 4th


Exhibition on view through January 9th, 2018


Artist: Melissa Starke

Featured Artists:

Jose Antonio Arvelo

Demetrio Belenky

EJ Berzolla

Petra Brambrink

Henry Burgos


Michael Calvi

Melanie Delgado

Julia Eisen-Lester

Pedro Fernandez

Claire Fishman

Jerry Gallo

Karen Gentile

George M. Gutierrez

Amanda Ioco

Alison Mara

Alexandra Momin

Jennifer Persad

Richard Pitts

Librado Romero

Britta Siddell

Maria Luisa Tamara-DeSantis

Marisa Silverstein

Melissa Starke

Chris St. Lawrence

Marcin Szprengiel

Roddy Wildeman

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