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630-930 PM


*Exhibition on view thru Feb. 6th


Curated by

Guy Stanley Philoche

& Roddy Wildeman

2020, The Finale.


“Yellow Memories” by Artist Michael Shannon

Featured Artists 

Israel Acosta, Jay Alders, Gregory Saint Amand, Sergio Barrale, Demetrio Belenky,

Michelle Renee Bernard, Shane Bullock, Henry Burgos, Amanda Caldwell, Angela China,

Lee Evert, Aljoscha Farassat, Justin Gilzene, Theo Goldrach, Amanda ioco, Lance Johnson,

Joseph Keiffer, Mike McManus, Justin Nissley, Robert Peterson, Guy Stanley Philoche,

Jill Ricci, Ronnie Rob, Michael Shannon, Erik Sommer, Vicky Steckel, Timonde, 

Tommy the Animator, Manny Vega, Rhea Welch, Joel Werring, Roddy Wildeman & LeRone Wilson


Please join us at a socially distanced reception to celebrate! 

We will let limited groups of guests into the gallery at a time based on our square footage

and CDC guidelines to view the show. Masks required.

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Warburton Galerie is located at

16 Warburton Ave Yonkers, NY 10701 

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