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Sept. 19th - Nov. 14th, 2020

US+U/Warburton Galerie is pleased to announce our first onsite show since last Spring!

"Friends & Neighbors" is a group show that pays homage to the ways in which artists form communities with one another. This exhibition called on artists from all parts of the creative community in an effort to emphasize the momentum behind artist run initiatives and the power the Arts has to bring people together. 

Featured Artists 

Demetrio Belenky, Allison Belolan, Shanequa Benitez, Evan Bishop, Henry Burgos, Julie Cousens, Melanie Delgado,

Julia Eisen-Lester, Aljoscha Farassat, Karen Gentile, Stefano Guida, Mary Ann Hardiman, Deborah Holcombe, Miriam Hendel,

Jim Inzero, Amanda ioco, Satish Joshi, Tali Rose Krupkin, Casandra Maniotis, Mike McManus, Nancy Mendez,

Nathalie Mercado, Alexandra Momin, Android Oi, Hazel Ozturk, Richard Pitts, Librado Romero, Barbara Segal, Valerie Spalek, Melissa Starke, Dave Steck, Tommy the Animator, Katori Walker & Roddy Wildeman


A socially distanced Opening Reception was held Saturday, Sept. 19th from 630-930pm to celebrate! We let limited groups of guests into the gallery at a time based on our square footage and CDC guidelines to view the show. Masks were required to enter the gallery.

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Warburton Galerie is located at

16 Warburton Ave Yonkers, NY 10701 

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