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Urban Studio Unbound is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization and is currently operating with partial grant funding.  We are an artist run gallery, and everyone is a volunteer. Our goal is to be able to self sustain through artist memberships, once we establish a reputation and identity within the community.  In the meantime, we are continuing to apply for grants and seeking out other funding resources. If your in a position to help support us, we would be happy to furnish a tax deduction donation letter.  


How will your donation help?


Part of our mission is to offer free monthly portfolio prep courses to low income youth as well as a complimentary senior drawing class. While we have volunteers to teach, we do not have a budget for the consumable art supplies needed for these classes. 


We would also like to be able to add technique specific classes for both youth and adults with instructors who are compensated.  The great benefit from these classes is that it employs an artist within his or her field!


Other ways your donation may be used:  purchasing basic materials for an artist in residence, helping us get second hand furniture and classroom equipment, and even basic supplies needed to host exhibitions of student work from our free portfolio classes. Your donation also will enable emerging and mid-level artists to participate in special events such as art fairs. The costs to be a part of these types of events can be out of reach for artists but at the same time a necessary experience for them to thrive in a competitive art market. 

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