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US+U  is pleased to announce the opening of 


"Independent Variable"

Opening Reception

Saturday, February 2nd


free + open to the public

exhibition on view through March 22nd


Artist: Marcin Szprengiel

The broad range of mediums used and aesthetic choices each artist makes to produce a painting, a sculpture, a drawing or other form of art, introduces you to a part of themselves. This visual communication is a language of its own, unique and personal. 

While one’s artistic practice may be inspired by a variety of things it is ultimately fueled by his or her own creative drive. An artist in the studio is face to face with oneself- the moment of action being solitary, independent of another. 

“Independent Variable” is a group show that celebrates the individuality of the artist; highlights the diverse approaches each takes when making art and acknowledges the process of creative ritual. 

Co-Curated by: Melissa Starke + Marcin Szprengiel

Featured Artists: José Antonio Arvelo, Joanne Barham, EJ Berzolla , Haifa Bint-Kadi, David Boyajian, George Clementi, Melanie Delgado, Julia Eisen-Lester , Lindsey Francis, Jerry Gallo, Karen Gentile, Alan Haywood, Amanda Ioco, Satish Joshi, Wilson Kimball, Constanza Mallol, Mark Mellinger , Jennifer Persad, Richard Pitts, Britta Siddell, Marcin Szprengiel, Maria Luisa Tamara- DeSantis, Liz Van Buren , Aislinn Weidele, Richard White & Roddy Wildeman
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