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US+U Statement on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility:


At US+U, we believe diversity enriches our creative community and the experience both artists and the public have while engaging with us. Our exhibition roster has always reflected an effective and appropriate representation of New York’s diverse populations in areas of culture, gender identity and age. The gallery and all its programming is free and open to the public and our space is wheelchair accessible. Accessibility being a key focus and top priority.


With the goal to reflect a diversity of experience, culture, beliefs, and values as well as demonstrate a sensitivity to all racial, ethnic, religious, and social groups, we are committed to doing the following-


-Strengthen successful programs and create projects that close identified representation gaps.  Continue outreach and networking within our immediate community and beyond.


-Consider US+U’s commitment to diversity as it applies to the development of partnerships and

collaborations with artists, art advisors, curators and other organizations.


-Remove barriers and provide support to underserved artist’s/community members.


-Continue to offer art classes and workshops in both English and Spanish languages to insure inclusiveness.


-Show increased support for socioeconomically disadvantaged youth through continued efforts to obtain funding for programming targeting these populations. 

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