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Andrea Jane Springer



The universal use and exploration of the human form in art has always been an undying fascination for me. The way people seem to respond to the aesthetics of the figure was a complicated puzzle composed of different pieces of both personal and general psychology as well as philosophical content, all wrapped up into one simple representation of nature. My work reflects this idea and exhibits the varied connotations and responses people have to what is not just a depiction of another human, but is also a projection of themselves. The figures in my work are a dialogue between not only one person and another, but also of one within themselves, and by pushing the process of self discovery and connection, I hope to bring the viewer to reevaluate their role and experience in the human condition.



A.J. Springer was born on the south shore of Long Island, New York. Despite her original training as a traditional draftsmen and painter, her interests have also expanded to various types of printmaking, photography, and sculpture, including wood and metal working. A.j. is continually looking for new mediums and methods with which to experiment. She is currently living and studying in New York City.

Reflected II
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