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Alexandra Momin



Alexandra Momin is a New York City based artist interested in combining mediums to create painterly abstractions. Focusing on the ever-changing landscape of New York City, she challenges our perception of environment by digitally layering photographs with video stills. Her photography background and interest in movement and color merge with her use of video, which was scrambled due to a chance encounter with faulty software. Using this “beautiful mistake” became an allegory for the city’s complex and multifarious façades. The images are either printed on the second surface of acrylic using UV inks or direct to aluminum. The use of acrylic gives a material presence to the landscape while maintaining an airy, dreamy quality, while the aluminum creates a strong, grounded presence which reflects the lighting of its surroundings. Each piece is braced on the back and hangs slightly away from the wall.



Alexandra Momin is a contemporary artist living and working in New York City who focuses on photography based urban landscape. Influenced by the city’s complex and multifarious facades, she explores the boundaries of photography by digitally layering and removing elements of the images and at times introducing layers of digitized video stills. This technique results in an abstract painterly approach. The works are printed direct to aluminum or acrylic with UV ink, which creates a strong physical presence and reflects the lighting of their surroundings. She received a BFA in Fine Art from New Jersey City University and her work has been shown throughout New York including The Parrish Art Museum and Roger Smith Hotel.

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