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Anthony Santuoso



Anthony Santuoso has a lot of stories to tell. He is a veritable fountain of imagery. His imagery is a path filled with metaphors and these metaphors provide a map through everyday life with all its pit-falls and blessings. one may ask, why does he do this? his answer would be,“because i can.”



Anthony Santuoso is a New York City based artist who received his degree at the School of Visual Arts in 1966. He is currently represented by Able Fine Arts, NYC.   He has been a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology since 1996 and has  been an educator since 1970.  

He has taught in such schools as the National Academy of Design, Parsons School of Design, Brandeis University, University of California, Louisiana State University and has lectured at Adelphi University and the Studio School.

Midsummer Night's Transformation
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