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Britta Siddell



My artwork is created with a conscious focus on formal elements. Colour is a thoughtfully expressed key feature in my paintings, as are shape, line, and media exploration, particularly in my sculptural work. The formal elements are the common threads that make my body of work cohesive. My interest in traditional craftsmanship techniques, such as stone masonry, wood carving, and metal smithing allows me to experiment with a variety of media. I find the labor-intensive, manual work required to craft these materials to be a cathartic expression of the personal narratives my work reflects.



Britta Stawski Siddell grew up in Auckland, New Zealand and has also lived in Australia, Denmark, and the United States. She gathers artistic inspiration from the countries she has lived and travelled with a keen eye and appreciation for native and traditional craftsmanship. Siddell gains a deep sense of satisfaction in using her hands to create and has earned two degrees in creative fields: DipArts - Fashion Design, Mt Gravatt Technical College, Brisbane, Australia; BFA - Fine Art, FIT/State University of New York. She  currently works and resides in New York.


Synthetic Chemistry A
Synthetic Chemistry B
BC Series #4
BC Series #6
Rachel and I
Archetypal Landscapes 1-6
Series 2 #14
Series 2 #16
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