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Constanza Mallol



I like to paint what is alive- a fruit, a body, a flower that breathes and changes, gives off scent and promises of taste, touch. 
I want to seize that thrill, the excitement of that life and my life colliding. Not the perfect photographic render but the exalted emotion of recognizing life,  that joy that reminds me I’m human.
I look at each subject to honor its own value and substance. I don’t look to evoke hidden meanings or stories. I let the subject speak for itself. I paint what I see.


Constanza Mallol was born in Santiago, Chile. Due to political upheaval her family went to exile in Mexico where she grew up, until emigrating to the US in the late 90’s.

When she returned to Chile she attended law school in Santiago and later pursued formal Art Studies in New York City at the Art Students League of New York and The National Academy of Design. She currently works at her studio in Dobbs Ferry and lives with her family in Hastings on Hudson.

"Red Gown"
"Sunflowers in Ultramarine"
"Water Tower"
"Over the Hudson"
"Sunflowers in Turquoise"
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