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David Alge



At its foundation my work is about the movement of color and the frictional flow of time across the composition. I use these building blocks to create work that is emotionally engaging with a physicality and sense of humor.  Working with oils on canvas in a fairly traditional way, my work is about balancing choice and chance, and recognizing when to stop.  I take the work as far as I can and it is your interaction with a piece that completes it. It will be a different resolution each time you interact with a piece, unique to every individual. That connection is why I do the work.


Born in Saint Louis, Missouri, graduated from Southern Illinois University with a BA in Psychology and moved to New York to pursue a career in modern dance. After three years of consistent work and no money I married and began to work in the restaurant business. Wanting to be part of a mission-driven industry I went back to school and got a healthcare-focused MBA from Baruch and have worked in healthcare for 20+ years.  Four years ago when my daughter left for college I once again had the brain space to devote to art. I began to study oil painting at the 92nd Street Y and have been taking classes and painting ever since.

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