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Demetrio Belenky



In my work I explore my inner world, the subconscious, the worlds of dreams and the imaginary into which I incorporate elements from my biographical experiences. These concepts attract me because of their fleeting and fugitive nature, the intense emotions and feelings I experience as well as the manifestations of my own fears that were seared into my brain upon waking up. In the attempt of re-creating my visions I often experience it anew, creating a link with my unconscious existence. It's always a challenge to try to seize the intensity of the volatile mental imagery in something concrete, captured in time and put firmly on a physical surface. The process of creating these pieces is incredibly important to me due to the never ending struggle to illuminate the vanishing and the specific.



Demetrio was born in Ukraine in 1982. At the tender age of 7, Demetrio & his family left what was then the Soviet Union, and lived extensively across Europe, Middle East and South America before landing in NYC nearly a decade later. His first memories are of him holding a brush, painting with gouache and drawing tanks with a ballpoint pen. Drawing was a refuge through his childhood; a world where he ruled supreme and controlled everything, in contrast to his real life that was in constant flux. Demetrio went on to obtain his BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology @ SUNY and an MFA from The New York Academy of Art. Currently, He continues his studio practice in Brooklyn and teaches Art History at Berkeley College in Manhattan.

The Calling
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