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Ecka Blaire Faulds


Reacting to the weight of memory my work observes the delicate relationship between figure and environment. Depicting moments of interaction or ignorance of a figure to its surroundings, I bring our own complicated relationships with nature to light.


Frequently, a work carefully and knowingly makes clear the boundaries felt between humankind and the natural realm as it crisply delineates the composition into two parts. Both the figure and a representation of nature—most often the cultivated trappings of an aquarium or garden—are contained in such a way as to prompt us to question who is truly ‘caught’ and trapped by the burden of isolation.


Other moments find the figure dwarfed and swallowed by its surroundings. In this immersion the idea of ‘personhood’—of singularity—is less than possible. Edges defining ‘this’ and ‘that’ and ‘you’ and ‘me’ grow murky and wild, allowing the identities of figure and place to acquire the same significance.



Ecka Blaire Faulds is a painter who is most interested in the strained connection between humans and their environment. Ecka received her BFA in Painting at the Hartford Art School, University of Hartford, in 2009. Her work has been selected for a number of awards and exhibitions including the Washington Art Association’s Young Talent Exhibition, and for award by curators of the Guggenheim Museum and Wave Hill. She participated in the inaugural residency of Artspace in Torrington, CT, now established as Five Points Gallery, which introduces high caliber art and artists to the public. She currently resides in Hastings on Hudson, New York.

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