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Errol Smith



As an artist my objective is to charm the eyes and hold the mind. I enjoy playing with the qualities of baroque painting and decorative arts that by contemporary conventions are just garish. With this I can encrypt mythological and religious narratives in layers of ornamental clutter and realism. All of my work is primarily driven by its allegorical nature, but the subject of my work, more so than the figures and objects with which I fill the picture, is light. Atmosphere in painting is an almost dream like state, and it is the world in which the figures and objects in paintings exist, that other dimension behind the surface.  I approach my paintings like shadow boxes, with shallow space, and arrange my subjects to play with the light trapped in it. 


Errol was born in Newton New Jersey in 1990 and grew up in the scenic Delaware Water Gap. Surrounded by state parks and national recreation areas, exposure to the beauty of nature in the form of abundant waterfalls, mountain trails, and expansive valleys was unavoidable. His training in painting began with the Wallkill River School, plein air painting throughout Orange County New York. He received his BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology and currently lives and works in Brooklyn.

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