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Jose Antonío-Arvelo



I came to United States 4 years ago, (Running away of violence in my country, but that´s another Story) and besides to learn another language,  in the process I had to reinvent myself, I discovered new techniques, new materials and an entirely new audience. This pieces are  the result of my personal journey, my encounter with a new artistic world.


My exposure to a new culture,  customs and  materials has resulted in a change to my artistic expression, and I´d find a new way to tell the message as an artist want to spread.

“Some noble people rescue animals, some even rescue other people.  I admire them and respect their effort.      I save wood and give it a new life, a second chance and turn it into art, because, what is more desirable than pure and simple beauty?”. JAA


“All my pieces are made with reclaimed wood, picked up from the streets. They were once a crate, a box, a piece of furniture or even a house. All of them were once a Tree, that´s why I treat them with the respect they deserve”  JAA

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