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Marcin Szprengiel



Nos•tal•gia nº1 came from the exploration of working with the most common materials hence why the mark-­‐making of drawing became the main direction. Interest in typography manifests itself as all-­‐consuming writing throughout my work. Uninhibited execution and play give way to this current aesthetic which expresses horror vacuo.



Born and raised in Gdansk, Poland. Marcin Szprengiel’s unique perspective on beauty derives from the decaying architecture and life of communist Eastern Europe. 

Marcin pursued studies in Art Restoration and later earned his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at the Fashion Institute of Technology. His main body of work consists of Drawings and Sculptures leading to the study of space through drawing installations.

Nos•tal•gia nº1Nos•tal•gia nº1
Nos•tal•gia nº1
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Nos•tal•gia nº1
Nos•tal•gia nº1
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