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Maria Luisa Tamara DeSantis



As an artist it is hard to limit my work to mediums. I explore all materials that call my attention. I am seduce by colors and this is what drives my work. I let the materials talk to me and I give myself the artistic freedom to combine them together.  I often start pieces without even knowing the outcome.  I collect pigments, yarns, objects and other items with nostalgic connotations. When an idea or inspiring pallet comes to mind I infuse all these materials to create my pieces.  My most recent work is an interpretation of my own paintings into a 3D form. It is also influenced by the contrast between my deep internal fears & happiness, as well as my understanding/relationship with my current artistic outside world. 



Maria Luisa Tamara- DeSantis was born in 1987 in Barranquilla, Colombia. In 2010 she received her Bachelor degree in Fine Arts and Art History at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Tamara has already been included in various important exhibitions including "Art on the Streets" at the Mercato Centrale in Florence, Italy; "Fifty unspoken words" at M55 Gallery, Long Island City, NY; and "Kaleidoscope in Condition" at The Great Hall, in the Fashion Institute of Technology for her thesis. She has taught in different art organizations in the past years such as the Museum of Modern Art, Children’s Museum of Manhattan, Creative Art Workshops for Kids and currently Materials for the Arts, were she also works as the Education Coordinator. 

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