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Michael Calvi



Drawing from childhood memories , Michael Calvi wanders solely in search of imagery that connects with his own recollections. The photos explore the mysterious side of suburbia and abandoned sites, where something as simple as a single light through a window can inform a viewer of the human presence but also create a strong sense of absence. His scenes are completely devoid of the human figure, almost apocalyptic, as if the whole world was vacant for that fraction of a second. Any narrative inferred from his work is entirely a product of the viewer’s imagination. It is in these lonely and still scenes that the viewer can explore with their own thoughts and not be forced a narrative. Michael's work is constantly exploring the domestic landscape but with a certain silence, creating vacancy. This void is so multifaceted it can unlock so many different memories for so many different viewers.  


Michael Calvi was born and raised in Yonkers, NY. He is a recent architecture graduate from Pratt Institute's Undergraduate School of Architecture in Brooklyn,NY. He picked up photography in college taking B&W Photography at Pratt's School of Photographic Studies. Michael was always an "iphone photographer" until this course and purchase of an actual camera. He learned how to shoot digitally and with film and understand the process of how images are made. This sensitivity to creating images, with process in mind, led Michael to adopt photography as a component of his life. It was through the classic act of film photography, processing, and enlarging, that Michael was able to become a photographer who shoots with meaning rather than aimlessly.

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