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Michael Cuomo



Michael Cuomo is an award-winning American interdisciplinary artist whose areas of expression include painting, illustration, sculpture and improvisational assembly. His work often focuses on creating art forms which he feels reflect the multi-dimensional nature of human consciousness.

Born in 1974 in The Bronx, New York, Michael began his artistic journey in 2002 as a means of psychic and emotional therapy. He immersed himself in the works of other artists, actively engaged them and on an academic and social level, while honing his own natural talents and formalizing his own vision for self-expression. This has led to the creation of unique art forms and collections across a vast spectrum of traditional and unconventional mediums.

Michael’s work is distinguished by various collections, including “The Heads of State”, modern tribal masks inspired by African and Native American Art, that were created from man-made objects and found materials. He has made over 90 other spirit totems, or “Totemorphisms”, along with free standing humanoid and animal sculptures in the same style.

Michael Cuomo is an active exhibitor, which includes one man private gallery shows and participation in larger events.

His workshop in YOHO Studios in Yonkers, New York, not only acts as a home base for his creative endeavors, but also serves as a rotating exhibition space for his collections.

Michael is also an early member of the “InstaFame Phantom Art” (IFPA) movement, which uses the principles of “4th Dimensional Art” and “Mobile Graffi ti” to revitalize the presentation of urban art. His IFPA exhibitions have included dozens of works, including abstracts and a number of works that belong to a growing collection he calls “Manifestations”.

Michael’s work is his depiction of an eternal reality that resides within all of us. Using colors and forms to represent spiritual qualities, he chooses to paint the unknown, which is revealed through abilities accrued over years of experience.

Michael is heavily engaged in community projects that promote the arts, including teaching seniors and children at local workshops. His passion and intent is to share the healing properties that can be gained from expressing oneself through art. His long term goal is to found a center for creative projects and art exhibitions.

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