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Raisa Nosova



My ongoing body of work 'interiors' was initiated in 2010, after living in Brussels and traveling around the European continent for half a year. The work has been fueled by nostalgia to particular places and deals with feeling of belonging to certain environments that we as social individuals pass through in our daily lives. Since the work explores variety of character and mood in atmospheres, it has motivated me to travel and assimilate with new cultures around the world. 

Last winter I have extended my boundaries to the Near East, and this year to East and Southeast Asia. Capturing the way color and light diffuse throughout spaces and objects has played a primary role in communicating my concept. Recently the objective of my work has been evolving to address the difference between reality of individual cultures and what they are presented as by bias media.



Raisa Nosova is a Russian-born American artist that has received her formal art education from the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Art Students League of New York. Her curiosity in cultures and in clear perception of the world has driven Raisa to begin encountering the world through travels to Europe, Near East, and Southeast Asia, and sharing the discovered essence through her “atmosphere-capturing” paintings.

Congress Avenue, Rochester, NY
Fillmore Street, San Francisco
Chicago Lilies
Calle Maestro Caballero, Alicante
33rd Line, Rostov--na--Donu
Sofya Yemena
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