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Rich White



“I’m not lost, I’m exploring” 

My art reflects my background in drawing and poetry: suggesting stories, characters and emotional states as points of connection with the viewer. In the process of creating a work, I stretch and explore beyond the range of my palette and vocabulary, beyond my conscious intention. So, yes, at times, I do feel a bit lost along the way. That said, I try to create and find images that resonate on emotional and intellectual levels.


My objective with each piece is to challenge, engage and reward the viewer from across the room, and up close to the surface. A successful work, for me, engages the viewer in a dialog.

Since I began this journey, I have worked with ink, graphite, silkscreen, film, letterset printing, wood and linoleum engraving, and acrylic and oil paint. In the past five years, I have focused on painting with oil, exploring techniques for mixing, applying and manipulating oil and pigment on the surface, often in combination with materials such as graphite, India ink, and printers ink.


Regardless of medium, I hope something here finds a connection.



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