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Stephanie Demanuelle



These abstract paintings have their origins in nature-specifically, shapes found in roots, driftwood or shells. The paintings are a result of a continuous ‘drawing’ process that builds, layer after layer, with differing thicknesses of paint as I follow a ‘visual trail’ through the motif.


I improvise on the original shape to explore color relationships, scale of shapes and variations in line and mass.  The ‘voice’ of the materials is extremely important in this work-the contrast of thin or scraped away paint to paint that is thick and viscous, drips becoming lines.


Dominant in this work is gesture, movement and turbulence. The rhythms are meant to be a ‘stand in’ for the invisible forces, sensations and tensions that govern our consciousness.



Stephanie DeManuelle grew up and was educated in Louisiana and moved to New York after college. She is presently the Chair of the Fine Arts Department at FIT-she spends time in the Adirondack Mountains, which is a source of inspiration for her work.

Vessel IV
Dark Form
Bruise II
Atlantis Vlll
Atlantis IV
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